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Do you love animals?

How about a career as a Veterinary Assistant? In just 4 months, you could be working in a Veterinary Clinic helping to make animals feel better with a fully accredited Veterinary Assistant Diploma.

Do you want to move up the Corporate Ladder faster?

How about improving your Leadership, Communication and Team Building skills? In just a few months, you can get a diploma and return to your job with a great Leadership opportunities in the future. In many cases, your employer will pay the course fees.

Do you need retraining after a workplace injury?

How about a career in an administrative role with some Professional Upgrading? In just a few weeks, you can get a certificate in any of our administrative programs ranging from word processing to bookkeeping.

Do you want to make your life easier and more enjoyable?

How about spending a few ours with our instructors learning about Computers and Internet Navigation. Learn any or all of the following using a computer, tablet or mobile device:

  • What to look for when buying a computer, tablet or mobile device
  • How to navigate a computer to do things quickly and easily
  • How to use email to improve your life and free up your time
  • How to organize your photographs and create beautiful slide shows
  • How to organize your recipes and access them easily

Do you want to connect with your relatives and friends easily with no phone charges?

How about some personalized instruction on using Social Media to learn:

  • How to connect with your relatives and friends around the world
  • How to make free video calls with your relatives and friends anywhere in the world
  • How to create and maintain social media accounts on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter

Are you an Employer looking to hire a graduate or host a practicum student?

How about contacting us and meeting some of our students?


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Insignia College of Health and Business (generally referred to by most as simply Insignia College) proudly provides diploma level programs as well as corporate training in health, business, computers, accounting, computer aided design (CAD) to our many valued students.

Our industry trained instructors provide informative and current education. Small class sizes offer students the individual support they need. Insignia’s blend of classroom learning and work experience better prepares our students for employment.

We welcome your interest in our college and our community. Whether you are an Insignia College graduate, parent, or potential student, we invite you to visit the campus today!