About Us


Insignia College aspires to be recognized as a college of first choice for excellent and accessible education, distinguished for the quality of its programs, and to serve as a model for its collaborations with the community and regional partners.


Insignia College pursues its Vision by educating men and women in the health and business faculties. The College provides a lively community of students and instructors of high ethics and qualifications from diverse social and cultural backgrounds. We believe in the potential of our students and are open to free inquiry and open exchange of ideas. As a teaching and learning community, the College embraces that knowledge is to be pursued both for its own sake and for the well-being of individuals and the society at large. The College graduates women and men who can think clearly, who can evaluate both their own and others’ ideas, who can acquire new knowledge and who are empowered to use their knowledge and their abilities to serve their community.

College Code of Ethics

We support the following principles:


In our relationships with others, we strive to be fair and just in our decisions and actions. To provide fair and just treatment, we carefully weigh the circumstances and variables linked with any decision and apply the College’s policies.

Some of the values emanating from this principle are that:

  • All hiring and promotion is fair and just.
  • Student and Employee evaluations are objective.
  • Workload is consistent with expectations.
  • Appropriate support is provided for students and clients.


We achieve an open working and learning environment by fostering honest commentary about the operation and management of the organization, from our work in the classroom to the delivery of administrative and support services. We strive to encourage an honest climate which serves the interests of the College and the broader Community.

Some of the values emanating from this principle are that:

  • Truthfulness with employees and students is demonstrated.
  • Accurate accounts of the College are given.

Professional Integrity

We strive to act in the best interests of our students’ education. We demonstrate professional integrity and exemplary behaviour in all that we do in and for the College.

Some of the values emanating from this principle are that:

  • The Vision and Mission Statement of the College is supported.
  • Conflict of interest is avoided.
  • The professional autonomy of employees is respected.


We demonstrate a high regard for the rights and opinions of others. It is our responsibility to establish a climate of mutual respect; to protect the rights and freedoms of others; and to follows procedure in dealing with confidential matters.

Some of the values emanating from this principle are that:

  • Students and employees are treated with consideration.
  • Collegiality is encouraged.
  • The privacy and confidentiality of all students and employees is safeguarded.
  • All peoples and their uniqueness are respected.
  • A work and study environment free from discrimination and harassment is promoted.


A healthy organization is built on trust and responsibility. We strive to provide a secure learning and work environment.

Some of the values emanating from this principle are that:

  • The power inherent in positions is not exploited.
  • The competence and integrity of fellow employees is assumed.
  • The safety of the College environment is ensured.
  • The College’s mandate is promoted.

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