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Insignia College of Health and Business (generally referred to by most as simply Insignia College) proudly provides diploma level programs as well as corporate training in health, business, computers, accounting, computer aided design (CAD) to our many valued students.

Our industry trained instructors provide informative and current education. Small class sizes offer students the individual support they need. Insignia’s blend of classroom learning and work experience better prepares our students for employment.

We welcome your interest in our college and our community. Whether you are an Insignia College graduate, parent, or potential student, we invite you to visit the campus today!


Insignia College seeks to engage its students in active learning to empower them with the skills needed to become passionate about their employment and lead an enriched life.


Insignia College transforms your hopes into knowledge, your wishes into talent, your aspirations into expertise, your ambitions into a career, and your dreams into life.

College Code of Ethics

We support the following principles:


In our relationships with others, we strive to be fair and just in our decisions and actions. To provide fair and just treatment, we carefully weigh the circumstances and variables linked with any decision and apply the College’s policies.

Some of the values emanating from this principle are that:

  • All hiring and promotion is fair and just.
  • Student and Employee evaluations are objective.
  • Workload is consistent with expectations.
  • Appropriate support is provided for students and clients.


We achieve an open working and learning environment by fostering honest commentary about the operation and management of the organization, from our work in the classroom to the delivery of administrative and support services. We strive to encourage an honest climate which serves the interests of the College and the broader Community.

Some of the values emanating from this principle are that:

  • Truthfulness with employees and students is demonstrated.
  • Accurate accounts of the College are given.

Professional Integrity

We strive to act in the best interests of our students’ education. We demonstrate professional integrity and exemplary behaviour in all that we do in and for the College.

Some of the values emanating from this principle are that:

  • The Vision and Mission Statement of the College is supported.
  • Conflict of interest is avoided.
  • The professional autonomy of employees is respected.


We demonstrate a high regard for the rights and opinions of others. It is our responsibility to establish a climate of mutual respect; to protect the rights and freedoms of others; and to follows procedure in dealing with confidential matters.

Some of the values emanating from this principle are that:

  • Students and employees are treated with consideration.
  • Collegiality is encouraged.
  • The privacy and confidentiality of all students and employees is safeguarded.
  • All peoples and their uniqueness are respected.
  • A work and study environment free from discrimination and harassment is promoted.


A healthy organization is built on trust and responsibility. We strive to provide a secure learning and work environment.

Some of the values emanating from this principle are that:

  • The power inherent in positions is not exploited.
  • The competence and integrity of fellow employees is assumed.
  • The safety of the College environment is ensured.
  • The College’s mandate is promoted.

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