Admissions Policy

Criteria for admission into any Diploma or Certificate Programs vary by program.   Please visit program webpage to view requirements or contact Insignia College to receive a copy of the admission requirements for the specific program.  The following apply to all programs:

  • Evaluation on specific criteria and tests depending on the program chosen.
  • Producing a “Study VISA” from Citizenship and Immigration Canada prior to enrolling for students who are not Canadian Citizens or permanent residents.

To order BC High School transcripts please go to

Dress Code

Industry related attire is required to be worn during attendance. Students may be asked to dress as they would for a job interview on specific days during their job search courses. As a courtesy to others who may have extreme allergies, students are asked not to use strongly scented products while in attendance at the college.

Hours of Operation & Holidays

Insignia College operates year-round and observes all government statutory holidays. We are closed for Christmas break. Dates are announced while in attendance. We are open five days a week – Monday to Friday.


Insignia College respects students’ privacy. Insignia will limit the disclosure of students’ personal information to the extent required to conduct business and to provide on-going services to them. This information is confidential and is only issued to a third party with students’ written authorization.