Insignia College offers the following Administration courses:

Customer Service and Communication

Basic methods of verbal and non-verbal communication will be presented and practiced. Strategies for eliminating communication barriers will be described. Respect, privacy, and dealing with a diverse patient population will be discussed along with techniques to deal with difficult customers. Role playing and case studies will be employed.

Business Communications

Trainees will learn a variety of effective communication methods for the modern business office. Topics include written and oral communications, grammar, spelling and the communication process.

Office Procedures

Trainees will examine the necessities required for operating a smooth and efficient office environment. Topics covered include basic filing techniques, telecommunications, time management and organizational use of general office equipment.

Records and Information Management

The efficiency of any organization is linked to its ability to control the ever increasing amount of information and records that it generates and receives. Designed for newcomers to the field, you will develop the job skills essential to the practice of records management and you will develop the framework necessary for more advanced study. Topics covered will include basic concepts of records management, inventorying records and setting retention schedules, inactive records management, vital records protection, contingency planning and disaster recovery. This course incorporates techniques for managing records in electronic form.