Corporate-Level Training

Insignia College offers a series of courses designed to be self-guided study. Trainees will be working with appropriate computer systems and software with accompanying materials. Textbooks may be required for some courses and the pricing listed does not include textbooks.  Corporate-level training is available to Corporations as well as the General Public.

Unless noted, all courses are available with the following benefits:

  • Trainees can start at any time during corporate course hours
  • Trainees will be provided an outline that includes learning objectives, requirements of success, and a description of the corporate course
  • Depending on the corporate course, trainees will have a course planner which contains a detailed list (30 minute intervals) of activities, assignments, projects, or quizzes.
  • The corporate course hours are based on an above-average trainee completion
  • Each trainee will have individual access to the instructor for 10% of their corporate course time.
  • Trainees may be on campus up to 1.5 times their corporate course length or their assigned schedule to complete their course (based on availability). Additional fees beyond the expected time will apply.
  • Trainees complete assessments during their corporate course
  • Tutors are available for trainees at a rate of $25 to $40 per 30 minutes session.
  • Corporate trainees have all the same privileges as regular students of Insignia College
  • Trainees will receive a certificate of completion for each corporate course completed successfully. Certain corporate courses may be completed for a certificate or diploma.
  • Corporate courses will be recognized as prior learning and receive credit for other Insignia College programs. Prior Learning Assessment fees may apply.

This list of corporate courses and the method of delivery is continually being expanded.

Custom hours and packages are available and can be tailored to corporate needs.

AGENCIES – Insignia College wants to work with and support trainees and the professionals helping them attain their goals. Insignia College offers feedback reports on trainee progress, and the instructors and college staff have decades of experience in handling a variety of trainee needs and learning styles. Insignia College believes in a team approach to success.

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Course No. Course Name Hours Cost
B120 Accounting – Level 1 40 (3 credits) $598
B210 Accounting – Level 2 40 (3 credits) $598
B125 QuickBooks 40 (3 credits) $598
B140 Simply Accounting (Sage 50) 40 (3 credits) $598


Course No. Course Name Hours Cost
B110 Customer Service and Communication 20 (1.5 credits) $299
B130 Business Communications 40 (3 credits) $598
B115 Office Procedures 20 (1.5 credits) $299
B240 Records and Information Management 40 (3 credits) $598


Course No. Course Name Hours Cost
C160 Keyboarding 20 (1.5 credits) $299
C100 Introduction to Computers 20 (1.5 credits) $299
C050 Computer Orientation and Navigation 2 $150
C105 Internet Navigation and Searches 4 $799

Office Software

Course No. Course Name Hours Cost
C110 Microsoft Word – Level 1 20 (1.5 credits) $299
C120 Microsoft Word – Level 2 20 (1.5 credits) $299
C210 Microsoft Excel – Level 1 20 (1.5 credits) $299
C220 Microsoft Excel – Level 2 20 (1.5 credits) $299

CAD Software

Course No. Course Name Hours Cost
D100 AutoCAD – Level 1 60 (4.5 credits) $1,498
D200 AutoCAD – Level 2 60 (4.5 credits) $1,498

Medical Administration

Course No. Course Name Hours Cost
M110 Medical Terminology 35 (2.0 credits) $299
M120 Anatomy and Physiology 120 (6 credits) $698

Professional Development

Course No. Course Name Hours Cost
P110 Success Strategies 20 (1.5 credits) $299
P120 Employment Strategies 20 (1.5 credits) $299
P190 Mindfulness and Meditation in the Workplace 4 $799

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