Communication and Team Building Program

Effective communication is an integral part of an organization and can be achieved through a variety of team building exercises. Businesses use team building events to promote better collaboration in the workplace, with the knowledge that great teamwork is essential to their company’s continued success.

This Communication and Team Building Program teaches students to develop many different ways to use team building activities – improve communication, boost morale, motivate employees, and network within the company and community. Students will develop effective skills in how to promote learning, improve productivity, and recognize personal strengths that are important tools for effective leadership and maintaining healthy, dynamic relationships.

“Communication and the ability to build teams encompass many factors within the human spirit, mind, and physical self. To truly prepare future leaders for lasting employment, a comprehensive shift in human behaviour must occur. The Communication and Team Building Certificate Program addresses all the components of being an authentic leader.

When informed leaders engage in employment, they bring value to the employer and to the people they serve. Having an understanding of self, coupled with a valuable skill set, is the creation of a great leader. “

Reg Ogen ~ Yinka Dene Economic Development Ltd

This program maintains the highest possible level of standards and it keeps current with the industry and employers’ requirements.

The Communication and Team Building program is right for you if:

  • You are gainfully employed in small-to-large organizations
  • You are eager to gain better communication skills to execute your new or current role better
  • You are a manager and/or supervisor in any industry

If you’re interested in developing stronger communication and team building skills to help you in your current work or to advance your career, be sure to check with your employer as you may receive industry-sponsorship to help cover costs for additional education.

This program is designed for the adult learner. Courses maybe scheduled on evenings and weekends. The courses are seminar and practical hands-on based which means they are not graded. Learning is experiential in nature with an introduction to the concept followed by application.

Upon graduation, students are prepared to begin a career in leadership and training and can work in:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Forestry
  • Utilities
  • Infrastructure

Upon successful completion of this program students will receive the following:

  • Communication and Team Building Certificate

This Certificate is a prerequisite for the Leadership and Training Diploma Program.

Program Breakdown

Please mouse over the course names listed below to view further details for each module.

Course No. Course Name Hours Credits
L310 Introductory Leadership 6 0.5
L325 Introductory Team Building 12 1.0
L340 Introductory Communication 6 0.5
L510 Wilderness Survival – Introductory 51 2.5
L550 Wilderness Leadership 192 9.0
TOTAL HOURS OF PROGRAM (11 weeks) 267 13.5

Program Fees

Please contact us for more information on tuition, program costs and other details.  Please see Student Loans, Grants and Tuition for more information on program funding options and tuition.

Admissions Requirements

Steps to Admission into the Leadership and Training Program

  1. Proof of Citizenship / Identification

    a. Copy of picture identification (BCID, Driver`s License, Passport, Citizenship Card, Permanent Residence Card, Status Card)

    i. If applicant is under 19 years old, parent/ legal guardian consent required

  2. Age Requirement

    a. 18 years or older

  3. High School Graduate / Academic Qualifications

    a. Copy of Transcript from a Canadian high school or College English Assessment Exam:

    i. 65% or better

    b. Fluent in English (if English is not your first language) – IELTS score of 5.5 or higher

  4. Two References – These must be from people who can attest to your ability to successfully complete this program. These references should be teachers, employers or professional members of the community. Fillable form available.

    a. Reference Form 1

    b. Reference Form 2

  5. Resume (current)

  6. Written Submission

    a. Write a paragraph outlining your experience and background in wilderness environments.

    b. Why would you be a good candidate for this program?

    For those applicants who do not have the wilderness background, your application will be considered on an individual basis.

  7. Doctor’s Certificate. Fillable form available.

  8. Criminal Record Check – results must be within six months of program start date. Must include Vulnerable Sector check. Insignia College reserves the right to deny admission to this program based on an unpardoned criminal record that would be relevant to the academic or placement requirements of the program.