Veterinary Assistant Program

There is currently a high demand in this industry for appropriately trained personnel. The Veterinary Assistant Diploma Program aims to provide graduates with the best-suited combination of animal healthcare training and veterinary office skills.

Students learn to assess and prioritize client appointment requests and respond to clients’ basic questions about general animal health care. Students are introduced to animal breeds, medical terminology, animal health practice, pre- and post- surgical care, nutrition and diet, vaccines, parasites, pharmacology and common surgery.

This program maintains the highest possible level of standards and it keeps current with the industry and employers’ requirements.

Upon graduation, students are prepared to begin a career in veterinary assisting, veterinary office reception, or administration and can work in:

  • Veterinary Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Animal Daycare
  • Animal Welfare Organizations
  • Wildlife Shelters
  • Zoos
  • Aquaria
  • Laboratories
  • Breeding Kennels and Boarding Facilities

Upon successful completion of this program students will receive the following:

  • Veterinary Assistant Diploma
  • American Red Cross Pet First Aid Certificate
  • WHMIS Certificate
  • Radiology Certificate
  • Idexx Certificates
  • Hills VNA Certificate
  • Royal Canin Certificates

Current Wage Statistics

Program Breakdown

Please mouse over the course names listed below to view further details for each module.

Course No. Course Name Hours Credits
P110 Success Strategies 20 1.5
P120 Employment Strategies 20 1.5
V110 Veterinary Medical Terminology 20 1.5
V120 Veterinary Anatomy & Physiology 60 4.5
V130 Animal Health 60 4.5
V140 Animal Nursing 40 3.0
V220 Veterinary Pharmacology 20 1.5
V230 Surgical Procedures and Equipment 40 3.0
V310 Veterinary Clinical Procedures 60 4.5
V320 Veterinary Dentistry and Special Services 20 1.5
V330 Animal Species 20 1.5
V340 Veterinary Business Communications 20 1.5
V410 Veterinary Practice 40 3.0
V610 Practicum 100 7.5
V700 Veterinary Assistant Job Search 20 1.0
TOTAL HOURS OF PROGRAM (27 weeks) 560 42

Program Fees

Please contact us for more information on tuition, program costs and other details.  Please see Student Loans, Grants and Tuition for more information on program funding options and tuition.

Admissions Requirements

As our ideal Veterinary Assistant candidate YOU:

  • Are ethical, dependable, honest, hard working and compassionate
  • Are an active community minded individual
  • Are able to multitask while maintaining a “Customer first” attitude
  • Have solid communication skills
  • Are able to work well independently or cooperatively within a team
  • Always have a pleasant and positive outlook on life and education
  • Are detail oriented and a quick study
  • Never treat Professional Appearance, Behaviour and Development as an after thought

Steps to Admission into the Veterinary Assistant Program

  1. Proof of Citizenship / Identification

    a.  Copy of picture identification (BCID, Driver`s License, Passport, Citizenship Card, Permanent Residence Card, Status Card)

    i. If applicant is under 19 years old, parent/ legal guardian consent required

  2. High School Graduate / Academic Qualifications

    a.  Copy of Transcript from a Canadian high school or Assessment Exam:

    i.  English 11 at 70% or better (any level)

    ii. Math 11 at 70% or better (any level)

  3. Proficient in English

    If English is not your first language, and you did not graduate from a Canadian high school, you will need to take the above noted exam in English. We place a heavy emphasis on Conversational English and this will be determined by Point 6 – Interview.

  4. One Reference – This must be from a person who can attest to your ability to successfully complete this program. This reference can be a teacher, an employer or a professional member of the community. For those students who do not have a professional reference, a friend or family member may be used. Fillable form available.

  5. Doctor’s Certificate. Fillable form available.

  6. Interview conducted by the Veterinary Assistant Program Coordinator or designate. Insignia College reserves the right to deny access to the Veterinary Assistant program based on the results of this interview and references provided.

  7. Resume (current)

  8. Tetanus Vaccination (within the last 10 years)List of Victoria clinics available.

  9. Basic Computer, Word Processing and Spreadsheet Skills – Skills verified by either employer or certificate indicating these skills. (Challenge exams and tutoring available, see Student Services or the Director for details).

  10. Admissions Essay – 1-2 pages outlining your understanding of the industry, wage rates, career goals, and why you will be successful in this career.

  11. Criminal Record Check – results must be within six months of program start date. List for Victoria available. Insignia College reserves the right to deny admission to this program based on an unpardoned criminal record that would be relevant to the academic or placement requirements of the program.