Student Testimonials

When I first began attending Insignia College I was told about the administrations “open door” policy, what an understatement! Whether I needed help with funding, or was feeling unmotivated, or just wanted to chat about nothing, I have never been told to wait, or that they were to busy. I think Insignia’s true policy is “students first.”

Nicole Lane

Insignia College has a very happy atmosphere and great teachers that help me realize my dream of becoming a vet assistant.

Zuzanna Muller

I was very nervous about going back to school at 37, until I met the teachers and staff for Insignia College. It is a very welcoming and knowledgeable school. It’s like we are all family here. They are very upbeat and great people. The teachers and staff are always there if you need help or just have questions. I have learned a lot of new skills in my course. I would recommend Insignia College of Health and Business to any who wants to learn.

DJ MacDonald

Before I discovered Insignia, I was looking at obtaining my Veterinary Assistant diploma somewhere on the mainland. When I found Insignia College, I was pleased to find that not only were they located in Victoria and locally owned, but they are also the only college on Vancouver Island offering the [Veterinary Assistant] Diploma program. Since enrolling, I have been repeatedly impressed by the level of support and expertise offered by the administration and the instructors. Not only do I enjoy school, but I am also on the road to a successful career in the Veterinary field.

Maryann A.

My name is Tina Louise and I had decided to change my career at the age of 46. I enrolled at Insignia College for a course in Veterinary Assistant. Insignia College has the most amazing teachers, they actually care and take the time to make sure that you are learning, due to their special care and attention I have gone from and average of C+ all my life to an A – A+ student and I may even pass this course with honours for the first time in my life. They are exceptional teacher and as a college you couldn’t ask for a better Director or Administrators they have always been there for me and have taken the time out their busy schedule to help me. I would highly recommend this college to anyone, how could I not when for the first time in my life I am actually enjoying school.

Tina Louise B.

I think Insignia College is a great school because they focus on the student and what the student needs. Education is their number one priority. I know when I first started going here I was not sure how things would turn out, but they gave me the confidence and the will to achieve my goals. They push you when you need to be pushed and they support you through whatever happens. I am so glad I chose this school and I know the experiences and the knowledge I have gained here will last through out my entire life.

Rachel B.

Video Testimonials

Instructor Testimonials

Insignia is a college that takes complete attention to the success of the students, from the students first day of class, through to their employment. Our primary focus at Insignia is the successful careers of each of our graduates.

As an Instructor, my passion for the field and teaching has enabled my students to share from my experiences and obtain quality skills, which will enable them to go out into the work force with confidence, workable skills, and a desire to be successful in the medical field.

The medical field is filled with diverse opportunities, and the students will always have open-doors in their particular area of interest. I am privileged to work for a college that has the students’ success at the main focus of its educational mandate. As an Instructor who cares about her students; I am committed to teaching with excellence and a high academic standard of education.

Angela Ndakwe

Rarely is a person granted an opportunity to work with and help people who have consciously and purposefully decided to open some doors in their lives and actively learn new sets of skills. That I get a chance to teach these extraordinary individuals the computing technologies they are going to use in their new fields of study is a real treat. When teaching those few who find its their first time using a computer for more than surfing the Internet or sending e-mails it is truly a fun and rewarding experience.

Derry Perkin